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Stakeholder Software Advantages for US companies :

Stakeholder Software Interface Stakeholder Software USA - By properly engaging related stakeholders to a large scale projet, your organization makes the first move to aim to better outcomes and build consensus. Track in real time, manage, convince and involve the following people in the decision-making process: employees, contractors, government agencies, clients, scientists, environmental advisors, etc. We are active throughout the USA in the following fields : logging & forestry conservation, petroleum, oil, gas, pipelines, first nations, environment, mines, agriculture, food industry and much more. Contact our office in Houston Texas USA : 1 832 952-6000

Funnel your data, cross-channel your analytics, work smarter, save time and money.

Connected stakeholders software - 30 days free


Advantages of a stakeholder software

1. Builds trust : Indeed, each involved party gets constant insight and it raises the level of transparency and tracability. Every data keeps moving across all connected interfaces. Any communication and/or request is made instantly.

2. Secures your assistance : There's no longer opponents. You build a team where every teammate plays its position and is held responsible for its impact and contribution. Project leaders who start using a stakeholder management application for the first time report a sudden improvement a the level of the attendance rate.

3. Increases consensus : Every stakeholder occupies a definite position in the process and is forced to get involved toward a team bulding approach. That is a well established way to guarantee a higher retention rate too.

4. Makes better decisions : Take advantage on the expertise and knowledge of everyone and especially from those who would be left behind by the leaders in a classical decision making process.

5. Less meetings : Frequent and long information meetings take times and cost money. That includes transport, wages and the possibility to stay informed while working on other crucial day to day tasks as well.

What a stakeholder engagement software does not do

1. Planification : The project manager know which are the goals and expectations. However, neither a CRM software or a social engagement app will organize the schedule, time frame, level of authority and/or involvement required from each groupe/person at stake. A think tank must be organized and clear/realistic objectives established prior to set up the parameters of your computerized panel. That takes time (even months) to make a plan and an appropriate timeline.

2. Accountability settings : You can't measure if a professional or a group has sufficiently commited just by measuring the time they actually engaged. Depending on the function and level of expertise, some quick contributions can be way more valuable than longer ones. The supervisor in charge must keep in mind that the number of connections/interactions or duration of logs do not mean everything.

3. Leadership : A stakeholder engagement software doesn't act as a leader. The person in charge of the project needs to own strong leadership and communication abilities in order to mobilize and motivate troops. Also, it's a mistake to rely only on an interface when it comes to chat and ask for advices rather than actuallly talk with people. An app isn't a spokesperson or the ship's captain.

4. Realistic expectations : It's easy to get enthusiastic about the endless possibilities and the way any delay is quite shortened. However, you're not working with robots willing to work 24h a day that also have the same exact vested interest in the project in progress. The selection process is important and a close monitoring requiring constant feedback might be necessary to get the expected inputs/outputs.

How does an engagement app work

1. Network mapping : Interconnect investors, bankers, imployees, consultants, government agents and other entities at stake in a comprehensive and efficient way using levels (insiders vs outsiders, so you get rid of unnecessary constant explanations or training) that eliminates wasted time. The quick and intuitive methode for data entry remains another appreciated benefit.

2. Track any activity in real time : Phone calls, emails, shared documents, and especially complaints. That way, the whistleblowers won't have any more argument at the very end of the project, pretending nobody listened (or wanted) to them. You keep an access to an important database that protects your company from sabotage or denial of involvement commited by supposed to be key-partners.

3. High customization : Add pictures, locations, presentations, graphics, diagrams, shown vs hidden data, levels of confidentiality, money and other financial parameters, print screens, press articles and tv documentaries/news related to your project, enriched maps, etc. Forget about about Excel classical spreadsheets, that application is a genuine interactive system and a state of the art tool. Export documents in a variety of compatible file formats.

4. Fast tracking : As soon as you start running the system, you realize the potential and necessity to use it every day. CRM and stakeholder softwares provide an instant portrait which is so accurate at the level of costs vs resources that any administrator will recommend it to become a part of the company's core management of the financial assets. Most of the major suppliers in the industry like Agile Modeling, Viewpoints, Enablon, Borealis and Sustainet offer a tryout (which varies from 30 to 90 days).

CRM Stakeholder Software Main Panel

Consultation project prior to a petroleum industry proposal. 1. Gathering stakeholder individuals, groups, land parcel owners. 2. Connect and give access to data. 3. Manage issues, complaints, attitudes and interests. 4. Monitor resources, assets, departments and team members activity. 5. Achieve consensual resolutions and commitments prior to move to the next step.

Public consultation oil pipeline Texas

The best strategy when it come to coordinate consultation events, respond to pressure group requests, follow up and take immediate action for the benefit of the credibility of your team and partners.



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