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Prices and moving fees and Warehouse Space : Public Storage Lockers


Heated lockers and wharehouse spaces with 5000 lbs capacity elevators + chest of drawers to fit your largest cardboard boxes. 1 1/2 to 6 1/2 Apartment with ceiling height of 8 feet. Drop it directly from the carload (rear trunk) or from the Uhaul / Discount / Budget / Thirfty truc while you park you trailer (large outdoor parking with humain and camera surveillance).

West Island Storage front door

Enough room to fit mattresses, bedroom cabinets and hall or walk-in closets based on a 2 bedroom apartment size. Some of them may come with an mailbox included in the price. Do you plan to secure electronics? Chose the heated and temperature sensitive lockers (includes an insurance coverage of only 5$/month per 2000$ or value).

If you stuff fits in a typical home garage (10x22 deep), you should have enough space in with a 10x12x8 mini locker. Ask for shelves to assemble by yourself.

Your furniture will remain undamaged and dry if you plan to package your things for a long time (2 years outside town).

Portable Steel Locker for rent (3x5x7 = 105 cubic feet) including the wood pallet inside. This is a cheap way to store things but you have to call 48h before get your things back because the facility has to move those tiny containers with a forklift in order to retrieve yours.

Portable Steel Locker

Roll up doors for the self storage, commercial and industrial markets.

Antique Auto and Classic Car Storage
Storing Classic and Antique Cars since 1984.self storage.

Self-storage Company in Quebec
We are your answer for all storage problems at great rates.

Residential locker for rent with an included light that will automatically turn off after you close the protection door and leave the place. Works using a fluo-compact bulb lamp.

Residential locker with integrated light

Montreal free used moving boxes available at our recycling frontdesk.

Used moving boxes