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Industrial Dust Collectors and Concrete Wet Cast Manufacturers in Canada

Concrete Wet Cast Canada - Architectural precast concrete and wet cast stone manufacturer for densily compacted and high quality casts. Our factory uses a revolutionary technology in order to moist and harden the cement with the appropriate hydration level for a maximum durability and less possibition deterioration over the years, climate changes and heavy duty processes.

Concrete wet cast circular mold


Cons about concrete dry cast :

1) Compared to concrete wet cast, a dry cast method requires the cement to be tamped down directrly into the steel molds. The problem here is that it's impossible to harden and compact the mass afterwards. The concrete block is now made and remains the same after drying.

2) The dry cast panels are smaller than the wet cast ones and don't allow the factory to create complex shapes like S, L or X forms.

3) You can't produce reinforced concrete blocks because the limestone and the texture are not hard enough. It might produce dust particles that a dust collector won't be able to remove without diging holes directly in the structure. When the tensile strenght is lower for that type of cement, you can use steel or iron reingorcing bars that will improve the overal resistance of the block. However, a failure might not bi fixed because the bars are not moveable after firstly installed because the concrete dries faster (about 5 minutes in that specific situation). The ductility is also another concern when the inclusion of each pole is bent (even at only 2 degrees).

4) A quick delamination of the blocks can occur because of an improper moisturization (under 70%). The more coarse aggregate is present in the texture, the less resistance you obtain if shocks threatens the block to chip or to crack during the operation on the construction site.

Square shape wet cast

Aubin Dust Collectors - air filter cartridge and CT48 dust extractors from Festool manufacturer. Your factory or outdoor work site can produce a huge amount of dust on a daily basis and that significantly reduces the air quality of the entire workshop, even reaching dangerous levels for your workers' breathing. The more careful and concerrned companies will install a permanent air-filtrating device with external casters. The storage is contained in a hermetic and airtight storage tank. Add a spin-balanced impeller in order to improve the precision of the air velocity in the pipes along the air flow (upstream towards the dowmstream). There is also a soundproofer to reduce the noise in your buildings.
Dust Collectors
Downdraft tables & welding booths air pollution solutions loobo dust and fume extraction. Various air handling system with integrated cooling double-fan control and plastic particle bags (flexible units). A special coating keeps the noise at a minimal level as well as the 4 connected PVC hoses prevent the collection flow from jamming while the motor is running at its fullest pace and intake rate.

Model 1245 Airex Bagless Power Tool Extraction Plant
Airex outdoor dust collector installation 14.000 lbs
Noise volume rate = 62 decibels with the included systainer dock palets and filter cartridges

The portable collectors available for rental in Montreal Ottawa Toronto Markham Hamilton and Thunder Bay, despite their weight exceeding 5.000 kilos (11.000 pounds) have the lowert center of gravilty on the market, allowing your crew to handle it and move it using pneumatic wheels that makes it stable on rougher terrains or worksites with some obvious inclinations. All our models also come with a second and safe automatic brake (auto locking brake at the 4 rear and front tires) in order to prevent any type of drifiting on dust.

New "Cold Water Scrubbing Collection" shuts off the industrial collector and is designed to initiate a fading process when the tank reacher 95% of its capacity.

Woodworking Dust Collectors

Dust Collector Picker and Quick Disconnets - Collection Hoses

Dust collector

Static pressure dust collector

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Industrial supply of new or used (refurbished) concrete vibrators, load cells, conveyors, tilt tables, level indicators, material feeders, screeners, finishing mills, and dust/filter socks.

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