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Triple pane vinyl window manufacturer

Canadian designer and manufacturer of easy-to-install, durable and low maintenance custom vinyl and hybrid windows based in Toronto (GTA, Ontario). Our frames and triple glasses won't peel or fade over time. We ensure that you get a high return of investment by installing energy efficiency optimized windows for the climate in Canada. Whatever you choose the single & double hung, camber casement or double tilt slider model, the antartik system moves the window closer to warm side of the opening and helps reduce condensation built-up on the glass.

Several instant befefits :

1. Soundproofing (lowers noise level from outdoor, you will be amazed by the sound insulation effect provided by a triple pane window which combines low-e coatings, clear glass, krypton fill and fiberglass reinforced spacers)

2. Improved air conditionning (retains cool air longer during the summer, especially during sunny days)

3. Totally recyclable (you can get a tax credit from the government depending on the home improvement programs available in your area)

4. Nothing to paint (your frames will never require to be refreshed/repainted)

5. Quick cleaning with household soap or vinegar

6. Will increase the value of your property

Vinyl Window Replacement Toronto

Door and Window Dealer Toronto : Manufacturer and distributor of sliding and swing vinyl patio doors, hinged doors and french doors Marvin Integrity Infinity Amarr Artisan Fimbel DS CHI Overhead Chamberlain Liftmaster Genie Hawthorne Spring MMTC Napoleon/Lynx AC Folding Gates Albany Amweld Blue Giant California Door Products Ceco Chase Duras Chem-Pruf Doors - Composite Corrosion Proof Chemical Proof Fireproof Clopay Cookson Rolling Steel Corrim Dean Steel - Hollow Metal Marine Blast and Bullet resistance DBCI - Roll-up Dur-Red - Roof Hatches Skylights Smoke Hatches Elite Gate Operators Ellis Flexon Grandview Mars Micanan Porvene PRL Lead Serco Tiger Fiberglass. Door dealers located in Toronto Brampton Burlington Hamilton and Markham.


Flashing window opening manufacturer

Doors and Windows Toronto Ontario - Offers you a wide variety of products for your home including doors, windows, kitchen and bathroom cabinets and counters, banisters, balconies, columns and floors. You can make your choices in a catalog or ask for custom design. High quality jamb and head flashing over fin as well as beads of caulk completely around back side of nailing fin (professional installation).

Transcript : Looking for energy efficiency with vinyl doors

In our last segment, we walked around the exterior of this 23 year old house located in Brampton. Actually, we are replacing 100% of their steel and vinyl doors. With energy efficiency problems occuring and a need for more style, they were looking for a long-lasting product that would solve their issue. Let's sketch up with George Starx from W&D Construction and Home Improvement.

This is the new season guard bay window with the casement operator on both sides with double hindges and aluminum sliders. It's a different version of the brand technology we sold in the past for this climate. The handles are smooth and easy to operate. As an option, homeowners can add an active view screen which is nearly invisible from the inside when the sun rays hit its surface. It also lets about 50% more air coming through than a standard steel screen sold at your local hardware store. So all the refreshing breeze can come in with any obstacle while remaining nearly invisible. It only looks a little bit shaded and it looks amazing how clean that is.

The locking system seems very secure as well. It's actually equiped with a four-point locking device and when you close the panel the mechanism starts pushing the steel stipes into the reinforced brackets.

What about the energy performance score now. This one is called an " Energy Star Casement Window" which has a frame made of vinyl extruded + ultracore. The foam fill glass is a triple glaze level III.

1. U Factor : 0.21

2. Solar Heat Gain Coefficient : 0.19

3. Visible Transmittance : 0.35

4. Air Leakage 0.1 (NFRC Procedure Test Rate)

Lifetime Garantee includes finish, seal failure, workmanship and also moving parts. Make sure that every aspect is covered before buying it.

All the siding has been removed to below the window. So we can now get a full installation ready for the team. We attached the bracking to the roof joint itself. This is where we will connect the cables for the bay window tubes and use the screws in order to adjust/level and get perfect and perfectly squared angle. So there is virtually no support from the underneath, it's the support system that several hundred pound model in place.

There was some woodwork first to be done on the outside (cedar was the wood species used) and then we sticked our flex tape. There are at least 10 different kinds of tapes that prevent water infiltration and repulse it to a drain in the wall.

Vinyl window frame Toronto

Tip: Use a composite wedge that will keep its shape over the time.

Then you are ready to use the spray foam gun all around the frame. So there will be no way for the air penetrating your house.

Nailing flange on the edge : the nailing fin already contains 3/8 diameter screw holes. This is where the nails will be fastened. Tools and materials to gather before your being : 2 corner protectors (made of plastic), caulking gun (you can rent one at your closest hardware store like Home Depot), hammer and wood shims. Don't forget to buy a box a finishing nails (choose something nice and galvanized that won't rust over the time, spending 80$ for a box of 200 nails might seem expensive at first sight but remember that you won't be able able to replace them after they are nailed).

As said earlier, trying to slope the seal of the bottom. So if any water comes inside the opening it will at least have the chance to drain by itself. There other thing you need to do with the waterproof membrane is to apply some primer on the external surface (the one visible from the outside). Wait 10 minutes and apply a second shot. There is always a peel way back on it some act carefully to not damage any part in order to prevent further leakage.

The best way to top frame is to level the outside stop, the parting channel and the new vinyl trim BEFORE you slide the insulation molding in between the structure and the window (as recommended by the manufacturer). Afterwards, it's now time to nail or screw the caulk to the stools (the ones attached to the foam backer rod of the trim).

How to clean ? The Handyman 12 inch wide squeegee is widely spread in Canada and is used by professional window cleaners because the rubber blade is easily replaceable and can be used as a scrubber that requires one passage when you wipe out your windowpanes from the soap. That is why you can work with only one bucket and not have to rinse anything with fresh water. Works well too with vinegar. The brand Dawn offers a good detergent solution to use with a lint-free cotton rag (microfiber) that won't damage nor scratch your fancy decorative vinyl covers. About overlapping, keep a 2 inch distance for the angle along the perimeter. The rag is useful to remove extra remaining suds and tough insects. A sharp new blade works great too if you have to erase paint stains following the painting of your house after a complete window installation.

Lower barrier strip Window Montreal Manufacturer

Custom flashing window and entry doors (may work too with single slider or single hung casement windows) : The wall framing has to be joined to the exterior sheating that holds the rough opening. Secondly, install the side window barrier strips to the weather resistive membranes underside the nailing flange. Overlap successive weather shingle fashions. You are ready to gently slide your glass along the sash.

Others Toronto GTA Ontario Ottawa

- Heavy duty double wall frames

- Sash balances for smooth easy-glide operating. Hold vinyl-clad window in any position.

- Recessed hardware for trim, unobstructed appearance.

- All joints overlapping, no miltered joints to leak air.

- Sashes tilt easily from inside for cleaning.

- Extra strong frames and sash, made of extruded special formula PVC-chemically inert - recudes outside noise level.

- Tubular thermalized multi-chambered insulation system.

- Tight fin seal weather stripping - an effective barrier against rain, high winds and dust.

- Double strength 7/8'' thick insulated glass with dead air space in between is great against heat and cooling losses.

- Rail interlock for increased durability and security.

- Wrap-around flexible vinyl glazing channel.

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