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Designer and installer of interactive booths, interactive monitors, dynamic displays, terminals, media players and other commercial grade digital signage displays in Canada (Montreal - Quebec - Ottawa - Toronto - Hamilton - Calgary - Edmonton - Vancouver). Take advantage of our proprietary cloud based digital signage software (ITESLive) and learn how to manage your contents and interact with your customers, patients or stakeholders in the most effective manner. More than a communication and marketing tool, a dynamic digital display helps companies and institutions to save money, automate broadcast and rapidly improve their performance indicators. Take advantage of our updated 360 degrees cloud based digital signage software to manage all your interactive screens, booths, kiosks, video walls, media players and more. ITESMEDIA is a well-known Canadian digital display company with over 15 years of experience and thousands of installations completed. Feel free to contact a specialist for a free assessment and estimate. We are based in Montreal and active throughout Canada. 514 642-3790 or toll-free 1 800 789-3790

Cloud Based Digital Signage Software Montreal

Reasons to Use Digital Signage Display Technologies in 2020 (Big Time!)

1. Your customers have the shortest attention span ever (actually, it's less than 10 seconds...)

Whether you like it or not, people are already surrounded by advertising and screens. They also carry a cell phone and some others even have an e-book reader, a tablet, a laptop, or an electronic watch. How to compete with those devices? You can catch their attention by using a super bright and high-resolution screen. Digital signage suppliers are also experts when it comes to create attractive and compelling contents. On the other hand, if you try to reach your audience, whether it's for information or advertising purposes, you will probably fail by using old fashioned posters or classic commercial signs. That's the main reason why smart cities, airports, stores and advertisers are massively switching to powerful dynamic monitors and video walls: they work and are worth the cost!

2. It's an interactive game (even if it's not a touch screen or a proper interactive booth...)

Your audience is used to interact with various technologies and if you quickly succeed to engage them in an experience that fits their interests or needs, they will respond in a positive manner. When they actively participate, you can also make sure to keep their attention for longer periods of time.

3. Understand why your audience thinks or wants to know

By tracking the way they interact with a dynamic signage device, you can collect data in order to discover what they really want to know, find or understand. Many organization spend a lot of money trying to understand their customers, stakeholders, patients, etc. (focus groups, surveys, telemarketing analysis and so on) while a simple interactive booth installed at the right location can gather all the data they want in a matter of several days. For example, a hospital may discover that the priority of their patients' visitors is definitely not to know the visiting hours or parking rules but rather what is the menu today at the cafeteria. Managers can use those date to adapt and manage content in a more effective way.

4. Improve the outcome of your meetings

Digital signage displays help managers and coworkers to make their meetings more informative, interactive, organised, interesting and collaborative because everybody is on the same page, talking about the same topics and seeing the same data or issues in real-time. A cloud-based digital signage software may also be used to connect several employees from various locations and gather their ideas, points of views and recommendations.

5. Reduce the electricity bill and maintenance costs

Over the last 25 years, advertisers and institutions have used projectors acting as lamps for posters and signs. Most buildings have permanent fixtures for indoor and outdoor use and dedicated to light content material. The problem is that a typical 10''x15'' wall sign requires 1000 watts of continuous power to be properly lighted while a LED dynamic wall video requires less than 200w. You also have to consider that bulbs don't have a long lifespan compared to interactive displays (normally over 25.000 hours or 3 years of use at 100% and full power without screensaver).

If it's rainy or foggy during the night, the brightness of your board or sign will be significantly reduced and not very visible to people. What businesses and organizations are looking for these days, it's to display clear, visible and vibrant high-definition contents that will impress their customers, clients or stakeholders. Cutting-edge visuals and colors are a compelling tactic to be used when you want to convince your audience or share a message.

What about the maintenance? Prints are expensive because they have to be printed (of course) using the highest ink quality but also because they are vulnerable to vandalism. Unless a company uses an extra layer of protection (a special anti-paint and anti-scratch membrane), anybody with a knife, a marker pen or spray paint can deface and/or damage your printed displays and graphics. Even if your installation is hard to reach, bums, activists and graffiter keep finding ways to climb or overcome obstacles in order to reach your printed content. When they do so, it forces your organization to pay for cleaning or repair. On the other hand, an interactive booth, a dynamic terminal or a video walls is normally scratch/marker/paint proof. They might also resist to hammer strokes. Some models come with auto-cleaning functions that help eliminate stains, dry out fog and rain drops, or melt snow and ice during cold winters.

Yes, the initial investment is important and may scare managers. But by reducing production, maintenance and electricity costs, you will save money on the long-term.

6. Use videos and catch attention

Classic banners and static displays are limited and don't stand a chance when it comes to compete with videos. The fact is that video contents are more engaging than still images because they "hypnotize" people. Everybody is curious when something is "moving" in their field of vision. You don't have the budget to create an actual video? Even if you only have one image, just zooming into it slowly might work way better than stills.

7. Digital signage softwares have never been so powerful and easy to use

Content creation and management is made easy for employees and managers with intermediate computer skills. By using templates and various turnkey functions, you can quickly create professional grade elements and contents. You can also re-use old static material again (content you once produced and sent to a printing company years ago).

Another benefit is the compatibility with other softwares like Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Photoshop, Dreamweaver and so on. Want to merge contents from various sources? A dynamic digital signage software can work things out.

A cloud based digital signage software allows an employee from a remote location to manage terminals, interactive kiosks or video walls in a matter of seconds.

8. Take advantage of "time-sensitive" messages or ads

Contextual and temporary contents are a huge asset for any business. For example, your clothing store may decide to offer a 15% discount to its customers during the next 60 minutes. A glaring countdown and a repeated voice message could act as a powerful call-to-action.

It's raining outside? Offer rain umbrellas at a discount price. Tomorrow is the last day to install winter tires in your region? Offer drivers the opportunity to reserve their spot at an auto repair shop. And so on. There are endless possibilities.

9. Anti-hacking and intrusion protections

You have seen the movies depicting hackers taking control of dynamic displays and embarrassing governments or companies by showing insulting messages or revendications. But the reality is that it's really difficult to get access to your network for 3 reasons: 1) There are several levels of protections and physical firewalls along the way 2) Display equipments are locked both electronically and physically. Hackers can't get access to the electronics. 3) Digital signage devices come with their own surveillance systems and can track, block and report any intrusion attempt. Yes, they are connected to a cloud based dynamic or interactive screen software and technically speaking someone with the password can access to them. But it's incredibly hard to gain access when the equipment itself can identify suspicious activity and switch to standby mode.

10. Extra features (WiFi Hotspot booth)

Many digital signage clients ignore that dynamic display equipments can come equipped with extra features. You can use a monitor or an interactive booth as a WiFi Hotspot for instance. Or use it as a webcam to film and record what's going today in the area. Or tracker weather conditions. Foot or car traffic. Etc.


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