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Discover why eZsign is the favorite e-Signature Solution in Canada

Save time and money with eZsign. Free trial ($0). Don't get left behind by the competition and accelerate the way you get money and electronic signatures for those contracts that protect your organization. Take advantage of one of the best and most reputable e-signature solutions in Canada, which is used by thousands of business owners, stores and institutions in Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick and more. Start signing and receiving payments today.

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An e-Signature App is now the big thing in the 2020s
Obtaining such a digital method acts as a pen-and-paper signature made in front of a witness and the cloud-based contract is legally binding FOREVER with the Canadian law.

In 2020, many entrepreneurs, managers and store owner still think that signatures obtained through a webcam, scanner or email are valid but they are wrong and they expose their organization to lawsuits, broken contracts and/or problem with governments.

7 Benefits of using an e-Signature App in Canada

#1 : Save Time

Printing, scanning, posting or delivering signed contracts by yourself takes time and also requires storage in an accessible spot (and printing so much paper is not eco-friendly either...). All those physical contracts require binders, drawers, locked cabinets, dedicated rooms, safes, etc. Managing everything takes time and tracking (and an organizational system as well). Unless you are comfortable with the idea of spending time managing printed/signed documents forever, an electronic technology would help you to stop wasting hours on useless tasks.

Processing printed documents also involves more than one person and it's easy to get several employees stuck for hours with one simple task. On the other hand, using a legally binding e-signature app allows you to get things done in a matter of minutes. There are even e-signature platforms in Canada that specialize in what they call "one-click" electronic signature and payments.

Another benefit is to not have to sign multiple pages on a 100-page contract : everything is located at the same place. Most new users feel they forgot something the first time because it looks too good to be true. But it's real. Today, huge companies are already using e-signature solutions hundreds of times on a daily basis.

#2 : All Stakeholders Are Now Connected

Most businesses and institutions struggle to reunite everybody around an important document. In the past, they used to send emails or fax those legal documents/invoices. Then, a lot of talks and internal negotiations would be involved. Now, every stakeholder get a direct access. Decision making, agreement and execution becomes faster than ever because everyone has the same updated document on his screen. When a contract requires multiple signatures, it can be done in an hour or less instead of having the updated document forwarded along a chain of events and processes. That's why trying an e-Signature app for the first time rarely fails to convince the whole organization that it's now an essential tool for the stakeholders.

#3 : Reduce Labour Costs

Man hours turns to be extremely expensive when different people have to process a signature. Typical steps :

1) Receiving and acknowledging the document

2) Printing it

3) Giving it to the person in charge

4) Validating it with legal representative or advisor

5) Validating it with accounting department

6) Showing it to the executive secretary

7) Packaging it in safe manner or scanning it

8) Sending it (using mail, delivery service, fax, etc.)

9) Tracking it

10) Answering questions

and more...

So many processes and interactions cost money at the end because all those people are on the payroll. Want to save on your labour costs and increase the productivity or your business? That's when an e-signature app like eZsign, Topaz, Verifyle, Docusign, SignNow, Ricoh or SignEasy come at play. They offer a template which is easy to read and manage in the case of minor adjustments to be incorporated.

#4 : Eliminate Mistakes or Loss

Fewer people involved in a contract signature process means less human errors. For instance, a missing signature on a single page might create a chain of events in the future that leads you to lose a lot of money. Any mistake your store has made in the past is no longer an issue.

A second advantage is to no longer rely on wet-ink signatures with unreadable names or sub page notes that caused legal hassles or transactions rejected by banks or authorities.

The third thing to consider here is also the possibility of damaging a paper-signed contract, which become an unrecoverable document. You think that ink or coffee stains on a document is not that common? Those are the leading causes of unreadable signatures and switching to an online esignature app will help you to get rid of that risk once and for all.

#5 : Increased Legal Protection

It might sound hard to believe if you are a newcomer on the e-signature scene but an electronic signature is now considered as more legally defensible by lawyers than those old pen made signatures. Why? Various reasons :

1) A high encryption level is considered safer against counterfeits than a document stored in a locked drawer. It's harder for a third party, an industrial spy or a hacker to access your contracts or payment forms compared to using a fax, an email, or an email. That's why the best and most reputable e-signatures are compliant with a lot of standards and protocols (RFC 2560 and 6960, HSM, ISO 32000-2, U.S. Esign Act, UETA and more).

2) Audits are less scary because the auditor gets a full access to 100% of your contracts and online payments. Then, managers and business owners don't have to fear problems if they can't find a specific document because everything is classified and easy to track (even in several decades from now).

3) The integrity of documents that can't be tampered provides an extra layer of protection. There's no way for anyone to access the database and modify forms, contracts, or delete/forge signatures.

#6 : Make Your Customers Happier

Faster and simpler means an improved experience for your clients, suppliers and customers. If dealing with your organization a constant hassle and takes time, chances are that you unplease a lot of people. An e-signature app is an efficient way to get money transfers and contracts by using any desktop computer, laptop, tablet, cell phone, and even an e-book reader (in some cases). Why would you make things difficult by sending forms through mail are requiring your clients to pay with a certified cheque? The future is to save time and make your process as simple as possible. Signing invoices and contracts electronically is one good step to consider this year.

#7 : Gain a Competitive Edge

There are still many companies that run their business like in the 1990s and are reluctant to embrace the benefits of technologies like e-signature softwares. On the other hand, their competitors impress their clients with cutting edge solutions that integrate with a lot of payment systems like Moneris, Paypal, Payoneer, Apple Pay, BlueSnap, PaySimple, etc. and also formats like Adobe PDF, Google Docs, Dropbox storage data files, Microsoft Office Word and more. It not only boosts their competitiveness but also their credentials as a leading organization.

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See how you can go PAPERLESS with an eSigning application by sending yourself a test document. Try our Quick Demo! Easy, User Friendly GUI. Strong Authentication. White-labeling Capability. Keep your business moving in Canada with with electronic signatures that are an alternative to Adobe Acrobat and which are fully digital.

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